About us


At Accelera, we’re all about performance, elegance, and safety. We’ve found the perfect balance between tyre performance, traction, and tread life so you don’t have to pick one over the other. Our tyres are made for passenger, SUV, Crossover and 4×4 vehicles, but where we truly shine is our performance tyre line-up.


With Accelera tyres, you don’t have to choose between tyre performance, traction, grip, or tread life. Our tyre patterns are designed to maximise handling and traction while increasing tyre life. Each tyre is manufactured using our in-house DeltaMax technology to ensure the highest standard of quality and performance.

World Certificates:


Manufactured using the DeltaMax technology, Accelera uses a silica compound to achieve excellent grip and overcome aquaplaning forces on wet road(s). The tyre is designed to reduce noise levels and carbon dioxide emissions that significantly minimise rolling resistance to save energy.


The double, strong steel belt tied by a cap layer gives a strong grip uneven road surfaces while remaining stable and during on high speeds. The sidewall is strong and flexible, absorbing shocks on rough surfaces.


DeltaMax ensures all aspects of the production process, including product design, are controlled by an automated system, providing a high precision product. The cutting-edge technology is intended to adapt not only to the current trends of auto development, but also the future.

 Environmentally friendly