Passenger Tyres




The Accelera PHI performs exceptionally well in sports cars fitted with a high-performance engine. This model is made of a rubber compound that maintains optimal flexibility in extreme temperatures. This means that the tread maintains excellent robustness at high temperatures, ensuring driving stability and safety in all weather conditions.



Accelera PHI 2 is an economy-class summer tyre designed for passenger cars. The model ensures a confident and stable drive both in the city and on longer, more demanding routes. Accelera PHI 2 is equipped with an asymmetric tread pattern consisting of two independent sections, each being responsible for a different type performance. The optimised grooves efficiently drain water and take care of drying of the whole structure quickly. With this, the drive remains safe regardless of weather conditions, considerably reducing the risk of aquaplaning.



If you are looking for summer tyres that guarantee good handling on all surfaces, whilst being available at a reasonable price, Accelera PHI R could well be ideal for you.

This model features an asymmetric tread pattern consisting of two separate parts. The outer side is responsible for performance in dry conditions and boosts confidence when taking corners. The inner zone of the thread deals with the rapid water drainage from the front tyres and maintains high levels of grip during severe weather conditions.



The Accelera Eco Plush is an eco-friendly summer tyre for passenger cars. The Eco-Plush has three main ribs with mini diagonal grooves for excellent grip, low noise and improved wet handling. The centre rib of the Accelera Eco Plush has adaptive sipes for better traction while accelerating.